Tucker sports medicine

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Treating sports injuries in Tucker

Tucker sports medicine
Tucker sports medicine

Playing sports, whether you do it just for the fun of it or professionally, can put a tremendous amount of stress on your feet. The result may be injuries, which we at Active Ankle & Foot are your specialists in diagnosing and treating. It is the goal of our Tucker sports medicine to have you back on the court, field, rink, or wherever you engage in your athletic activities; and to keep you at your top performing level.

Among the most common types of injuries addressed by our Tucker sports medicine are heel spurs, sprained ankles, and athlete’s foot (technically an infection rather than an injury). However, any time you have suffered harm from your participation in sports, you should seek out our foot specialist. The heel is a particularly susceptible part of the foot. Spurs are calcium deposits that grow on the underside of the foot, resulting in inflammation, swelling, and pain. It is difficult if not impossible to play when you have heel spurs, and our Tucker sports medicine will identify and implement the most appropriate and effective method of treatment for them. Ankle sprains may be remedied with simple rest in some cases, but it all depends on the severity of the injury. The RICE method combines rest with icing the affected area, compression (wrapping of the ankle), and elevating the ankle above your head for a period of time each day. And athlete’s foot, a fungal infection, is typically contracted from walking barefoot in contaminated locker rooms or communal showers, or from touching towels or clothing that have come into contact with someone who has it. You will want to get the problem dealt with before it spreads. Pain, dry skin, cracking, and fungal nails can quickly follow.

Reach out to usĀ Tucker sports medicine immediately when you have a sports-related injury. Get the expert care you need.

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