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What are calluses in Oakhurst

Calluses are thick layers of skin that harden as the skin tries to protect itself against pressure and friction. They usually form on the hands, toes, fingers and feet. At Active Ankle & Foot our Oakhurst podiatry office can help heal your calluses and feet, so that you can be comfortable walking again.

Pressure and constant standing and rubbing can cause calluses and corns. Hammertoes can also cause pain and soreness in the foot, and should be treated before they become worse. Hammertoe happens when there is an imbalance between the muscle and the ligament around the toe joint. Patients should wear shoes that are wide at the toe, and which give space between the toe and tip of the shoe. Refraining from wearing high heels frequently and wearing appropriate shoes is also recommended for both hammertoe and calluses. Ice and aspirin can also be used to help relieve swelling. Our Oakhurst podiatry office can also create an insert called an orthotic that you can wear inside the shoe to reduce pain.

Besides calluses and hammertoe, our Oakhurst podiatry office also provides patients with the best in heel pain treatment, foot surgeries, and digital X-rays so that you can always be sure you’re receiving the most top notch service. We provide laser treatment for nail fungus as well as for bunions. If you are suffering from a foot ailment like plantar fasciitis, call us. We can make diabetic shoes as well. Diabetics should watch out for calluses, as they can cause foot infection if not treated or healed. Our office is open Monday through Friday, various times. Patients can learn more on our website where we keep a wealth of information. They can also map out directions to our offices, which provide them with ample parking space and handicap accessible parking.

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