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Treating ankle sprains in Oakhurst

Oakhurst foot doctor
Oakhurst foot doctor

Patients who injure their ankles will sometimes wait to seek treatment. However, ankle injuries should be treated as soon as possible. A delay in treatment of greatly increases the chance of the development of a chronic injury and the need for surgery to correct it. Therefore, patients who injure their ankle need to see an Oakhurst foot doctor as soon as possible.

Ankles are susceptible to injuries and sprains are very common. If you injure your ankle, it’s important to see an Oakhurst foot doctor like ours at Active Ankle & Foot as soon as possible for an evaluation and prompt appropriate treatment. Even though ankle sprains are often associated with sports injuries, you don’t have to be an athlete to injure your ankle. You can get a sprained ankle by twisting your foot or even by walking on an uneven pavement. If you injured your ankle, you should call our office right away, so we can get you in to see our expert podiatrist as soon as possible. You’ll be in excellent hands when you come to Active Ankle & Foot. When you choose our state-of-the-art practice, you’ll receive the exceptional care you need by a compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced doctor. Our expert podiatrist, Dr. Ingie El-Khashab provides innovative, compassionate care to our patients in our friendly comfortable office environment. Dr. El-Khashab uses the latest techniques and equipment to give our patients the excellent care they deserve. We are fully equipped to handle all your podiatric needs at our practice. We offer a full range of services which include but isn’t limited to: nail fungus treatment, ingrown toenail removal, bunions, hammertoes, comprehensive diabetic foot care, sports injuries, heel pain, strains and sprains, and foot and ankle surgeries. We treat patients of all ages, from pediatric patients through the elderly. Therefore, we can help your entire family.

If you’re interested in learning more about our practice and the services we have to offer, you should consult with our Oakhurst foot doctor. Call our office to set up your appointment today.

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