Foot specialist in Oakhurst

Foot Specialist in Oakhurst

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Heel spur treatment in Oakhurst

If you have pain when you walk or engage in other activities, and you can pinpoint it to the heel area, the problem might be heel spurs. At Active Ankle & Foot, you can depend on expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of this common foot condition.

What are heel spurs? They are deposits of calcium that grow on the underside of your foot and lead to abnormal bone growth. They are not always a problem, however. You may have them and be unaware. Our foot specialist in Oakhurst can assure you that half of all instances of heel spurs do not cause pain at all. What causes them to occur? Usually it is when you run or jump, causing a strain on the heel when you land. Heel pain may also be due to the inflammation, swelling, and tearing of the tissue that connects your heel to your toe, which is called plantar fasciitis. Or you could have both conditions. If you are overweight, diabetic, wear shoes that aren’t supportive, have flat feet, high arches, or you regularly spend a lot of time on your feet, heel spurs are a bigger risk. Our foot specialist in Oakhurst will examine you and order x-rays so that a conclusive diagnosis can be reached. Upon a positive diagnosis, possible treatment options are discussed. Depending on your individual situation, you may benefit from orthotics, over-the-counter pain medication, stretching exercises, physical therapy, or some combination of the above. It is rare for heel spurs to require surgery. Regardless of treatment, we urge you to re-evaluate your footwear and if necessary, get some that is more supportive.

Come in to see our foot specialist in Oakhurst when you have pain in your heel. The sooner you do, the more quickly you will get relief for it.

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